Race Fest Africa 2017 is coming!

The speed, color, and excitement of American Stock Car Racing will be illuminated on the African continent very soon. Welcome to the First Annual Race Fest Africa. The brainchild of respected Nigerian businessman and NASCAR team owner Victor Obaika, the unprecedented event is set for January 28th 2017 is sure to be a head turner and winner for all who participate. Nigeria embraces American culture, music, arts, a “western way of life” while not abandoning a rich African heritage -and of course U.S. sports. Naturally it’s a country ripe for embracing American-style stock car racing with this exhibition race of 12 cars and four 24km laps through the city. But this is also about international business! Actual American stock car race vehicles will thunder through and from Ikoyi Island and across Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge – returning to The Hub with three amazing pit stops (one after each lap). It’s not just a race: It’s a HAPPENING centered in the heart of Lagos’ business district. It is designed to also fuse relationships between business leaders from both the U.S. and Africa - while fostering conversations of international trade and commerce bolstered with VIP events, fashion shows, concerts and more.

The Background

Stock Car Racing is a form of Motorsports that is extremely popular in the United States and literally is the largest spectator sport in the U.S. second only to the NFL (National Football League). Stock Car Racing has steadily gained recognition in countries like Mexico, expanded into Australia and trickled down to other continents albeit sparsely. Race Fest Africa 2017 is an event that will officially introduce American Stock Car Racing to the African continent starting with the most populous black nation on earth - Nigeria. This is a rarified opportunity to export an iconic piece of American culture to Africa therefore providing multiple opportunities to foster improved international ties and even trade relations between the USA and Nigeria. Race Fest Africa 2017 is an Initiative of the First-Ever African-Owned NASCAR team, Obaika Racing, which currently operates two full time teams, No. 97 and No. 77, in NASCAR’s super-competitive Xfinity series. More than a race: This is an international business, trade, and commerce development event at its best.